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This work is a summary of the independent research carried out by the author between August 2002 and September 2008 and is the first of a planned trilogy that will introduce the boundary chord model of the atom. In quite simplistic terms, it introduces the basic concepts of simple dimensionality and sets the scene for the evolution and appearance of the boundary chords themselves, through the process of dimensional differentiation. Coupled with a new definition of electro- magnetic wave phenomenon (dim-waves), this book sets out to present a brand new perspective on the way that we describe the world around us. With some 200 pages and 145 diagrams and ‘3D’ illustrations, a selection of this work’s chapters are available free of charge in .pdf format from the links opposite and can be viewed with a suitable reader - or saved to your desktop to be read at leisure. Text, content & illustrations © Copyright Mark Tregellen 2002 - 2011
List Of Contents (.pdf)                         Preface to this edition   Chapter 01  -   An Introduction To The Boundary                          Chord Model Chapter 02  -   Dimensional Origins Chapter 03  -   From First Event To 2D Universe   Chapter 04  -   The Evolution Of 4D Expansion   Chapter 05  -   Eighth-Dimensional                          Differentiation Chapter 06  -   Dimensional Boundary Surface                          Waves And Their Mode Of                          Propagation   Chapter 07  -   The Appearance Of Boundary                          Chords And Their Subsequent                          Evolution   Chapter 08  -   The Nature Of The Early 4D                          Universe   Chapter 09  -   Boundary Chord Interactions                          Within The Early Nucleus   Chapter 10  -   The Concept Of Charge Chapter 11  -   Independent Boundary Chords   Chapter 12  -   The Evolution Of The Electron                          Shell   Chapter 13  -   The Appearance Of Hydrogen Chapter 14  -   Deuterium And Helium-3 Synthesis                          In A Very Early Universe Chapter 15  -   The Tetrakeidecahedron In The                          Boundary Chord Model   Chapter 16  -   Early Nucleosynthesis In A Pre-                          stellar Environment Chapter 17   -  From Deuterium To Beryllium In                          A Pre-stellar Environment Chapter 18   -  The Passive Photon   Chapter 19   -  Gravity                            A Personal Note   Appendix A  -  Glossary Of Terms
Volume 1 Cosmological Origins